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Title: Eric (Kenya), Haiyan (China), Marcel (Germany)
Title: Marianne (Norway), Kiyoshi (Japan), Pedro (Spain)
Title: Anna (Poland), Frode (Norway), Fabrizio (Italy), Mauricio (Colombia)
Title: Louise (Norway), Diego (Colombia), Basit (Pakistan)
Title: Marco (Switzerland), Loreto (Spain), Stian (Norway)
Title: Himanshu (India), Sonja (Germany), Ronald (Germany)
Title: Maria (Mexico), Truls (Norway), Richard (Uganda)
Title: Baobing (China), Victor (Spain), Santiago (Spain)
Title: Michael (Germany), Alfred (Malawi), Nicolas (Norway), Christina (Spain)
Text: Luckily, Cynthia prepared the chili before she departed for Texas. All I had to do was warm it up!

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