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Title: Junaid (Pakistan), Agnieszka (Poland)
Title: Wolfgang (Germany), Alexandra (Czech Republic)
Title: Bjørn (Norway), Justyna (Poland)
Title: Philipe (Switzerland), Jana (Slovakia)
Title: Rafael (Spain), Qian (China)
Title: Serkant (Turkey), Sybille(Germany)
Title: Steiner (Norway), Doaa (Egypt)
Title: Sebastian (Germany), Lars (Norway), Sangeeta (U.K.)
Text: We moved into more space!
Title: Ying (China), Alex (Tanzania)
Title: Jana (Germany), Sven (Norway), Dr. Mohamed Saleh (Egypt)
Text: Professor Saleh, from Cairo University, gave a guest lecture and we invited him to join us for dinner.
Title: Huang (China), Jan Christian (Germany), Ebbe (Denmark)
Title: Juan (Colombia), Meara (Taiwan), Sebastian (Germany)

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